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[USA, San Francisco] - For Sale - Charmhigh CHMT48VB Pick-and-Place Machine


Only for local pickup in Menlo Park, California (just south of San Francisco).

I’m selling my Charmhigh CHMT48VB dual head pick and place machine including all of the original accessories and documentation that it came with. I purchased this in early 2020 and I have since out grown it. It is still in fantastic shape and has been the backbone of setting up electronics eCommerce business. I’ve simply outgrown this machine and need to upgrade.

I keep it covered in a custom ESD-safe fabric cover to prevent dust build up when not being run. Includes second row of reel holder, extra nozzles for different sized parts, and everything else needed to run this beast.

Retails for $5200, I paid $6500USD including all shipping and import tariffs. Give me an offer if you’re interested! 

The pictures were too big to post here, so I had to put them on Imgur:


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