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3 mm standoff source?


Jon Chandler:
When mounting displays and circuit boards, 3 mm standoffs work well.  A variety of lengths is handy to get the right spacing on displays or for stacking boards.

I've found small assortments at Sure Electronics and other ebay vendors with perhaps 10 of each of several lengths but I haven't been able to find an assortment of a number of sizes in a medium to large quantities.  The prices for these at Digikey and similar places are astonishing - 50 cents a piece or more!

Does anybody have a source for standoffs in decent quantities or for nice assortments?


Have you tried asking the eBay vendors for larger quantities? I've had some luck with contacting people for special requests, larger quantities, different voltages, etc., so it's worth a try!

I bought few lots on ebay ranging from 100-500 pieces. Seller is electronics saloon


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