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Adapter to flip screen orientation!


Ahoy! New member here! :)

I am going to make a request for a product I don't if even exists. I'm looking for a DVI hardwareadapter of some kind to flip my PC screen orientation 180 degrees. I know this can be done with built in software, but I want to do it with a hardwareadapter. The adapter can be mounted anywhere along the cable, preferably around the screen input or so.

For those interested in knowing why I want to do this with hardware:
I am looking at three computer screens in portrait-mode right now. One of the screens has it's colors distorted because it is viewed from the "bottom-up" and the view angle is really bad from the "bottom-up" perspective. View angles from top-down, left and right are good. But bottom-up isn't. You could argue that I could just grab hold of my screen with my hands and flip it over, and then adjust the orientation with Windows built in software. But that is not possible in my case because of a AMD Eyefinity screen-setup, which interpretes all three screens as one single.

i like your cover story  ;D

harder to detect if its behind the monitor... especially if there is a pull down panel.

I know devices exist for use in Car/Bus/Lorry.
When a camera films the back of the car, from inside the car, it must be mirrored to give the driver the correct picture.

Maybe this can be used for what you want?
Don't know if it exists in DVI, don't know about the mirror/flip options.


Most TFT panels have 'jumpers' to select the orientation of the picture. Open the display to look for the partnumber of the panel, find a datasheet of the panel (or a similar one) and make a modification.


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