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Advantest R3767 / R3765 VNA Service Manual

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HI about the unlock issue the maintenace manual has a procedure. It needed i Will upload that manual. For the floppy i Think the only way to find it is ask to a service centers

Not sure it can help ?

Programming manual ...

thank you DaJMasta  :-+
for the detailed explanation  to find out where the problem is located, i watched the videos from Shahriar several time to lern and like it.

unfortunately i cant refelect how my unit works but i guess its me fault, i miss the point but i dont give upthats for sure  :box:.

perhaps my cat can help ? she looks verry intrested !


i attateched new Connector Pinouts from the Cards PLL and Sythesizer measured with my new rizercards  :D
i will try to follow DaJMasta hints lets see.

best wishes

Hi Folks,
Has anyone found a copy of SRC_COR.BAS yet?
I have an R3765CH which seems to have an unlevelled output, regardless of the [SYSTEM]<SERVICE MODES><SOURCE CORR> ON/OFF setting.
I am also missing [RUN]<EDIT> so expect I need to be able to build a floppy image of P/N PR37670001-FK to load it.
Does anyone have an Editor image?
Lastly, the programming manual identifies commands PEEK and POKE, but they are not documented.  Are they documented in the service manual which I don't have?
Many thanks

I own models R3762AH and R3961B.  I don't know if they are working properly but frankly they are too big and awkward for me.  Does anyone have information on them?


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