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Agilent 8920B for sale with Tracking Generator


I have an Agilent 8920B with options 007 and 102 in stock. It is going in for calibration on Tuesday 6/5/12 and will be back on 6/8/12. This unit is available for $4000 plus S&H and comes with a NIST traceable calibration with data, manual, power cord, 30 day warranty and a 5 day right of return. If you are interested and have any questions feel free to contact me.

Hi everyone,

I am going to have some work done on this 8920B to remove the low power option 007 and update the firmware. I am also adding a few options as well so this 8920B will be equipped with the following:

001 - High Stability
004 - Tone/Digital Signaling
013 - C-Message Weighted Audio Filter
014 - 6 kHz Bandpass Audio Filter
102 - Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator and ACP
Firmware: 6.01

Asking $5000 for this unit OBO. All other units on ebay with similar options are listed for $5800 and up.

Best Regards,

Zach Young
Prestige Test Equipment, Inc.

Listed price... A quick check on Ebay with 'completed listings' enabled shows these machines actually SELL for around $2900.

The unit that sold on ebay has option 007 which is 1.2 watt low power, screen burn, and was not even fully tested or calibrated. The units one ebay currently for sale are going for $5800+. If anyone would like to make their own offer, I will run it by my manager and see what I can do.

Best Regards,

Zach Young
Prestige Test Equipment, Inc.


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