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Agilent DSOX2012A with WaveGen and Education Kit

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I'm selling a like new Agilent Infiniivision DSOX2012A with WaveGen ($500) and Education Kit ($500) upgrades. It's going on Ebay soon, but I thought I'd give you guys a chance first. $2000 OBO. Shipping is free if you're in the US. Comes with all original parts/accessories and in the original packaging. The warranty hasn't been registered yet so you could register it for yourself.

Why are you selling it, 2bfrank?

I should have bought a 4 channel, which is what I'm going to do when this one sells. My loss is someone else's gain.

and why with WaveGen and Edu Kit? too much to ask. nevermind! ;)

I bought WaveGen because I needed it. I bought the education kit because I'm a newbie and use it to learn about the signals, triggering, etc. I wasn't sure what a fair price was which is why I listed it as OBO. I do know that without the upgrades the scope is $1494 new so I don't think my asking price is too far off.


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