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Hey Everyone,

A customer of mine is trying to move out some of his surplus Agilent equipment. If anyone is interested in the unit's below please make a reasonable offer and I will see what I can do for you. My customer has not set his price at the time so I will submit offer's to him at the end of the week for whomever places the highest. If he accepts your offer's I will let you know right away!

4275A option 001
35665A options IC2 ID2 ID4 ANA
3326A options 001 002

No manuals are included and these unit's only come with power cords. He has told me that all of these unit's are in working condition, but if you would like to have it tested or calibrated I can let you know the cost. All of these items come with a 30 day warranty, and I can also offer a 5 day right of return for anyone in the US. Shipping is available world wide!

I can accept payment through papal, if you have another preferred method please send me a message and I will see if it is acceptable with my manager.

Thank you and Good Luck everyone,

Zach Young
Prestige Test Equipment, Inc.

do you have some minimum prices? otherwise I suggest 1 Doller per item

These are all pretty old... late 70's ...
no interest from my end. sorry.

I was not given any minimum prices, they are accepting all reasonable offers. If anyone's offer is declined by my customer I will see if i can work something out and get a price set that will work out for the both of you.

If there's anything test equipment anyone is looking for, I can see if I can get some discounted pricing for you! Just send me a message with a model and any options you are looking for.

I could be interested in the 8642M ... but I'm in europe and I'm afraid shipping to there such a heavy unit would add a very substantial cost ... :(


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