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Agilent U1604A 40Mhz Color Scopemeter for sale


I am a new forum member but have been an active reader for some time. I have for sale the above scopemeter in like new condition. Even comes with all the original probes, software and manuals. Even the original shipping container. Will sell for $600. I can supply references if needed.........

Richard W.:
i'm just curious, why do you sell it? Not contented with its performance?

How old is the unit and would you ship it to germany?

I have had it approximately 2 years. I just can't justify keeping it. I use a desktop scope 99% of the time and rarely need to use this one. I have recently changed jobs and now work in a metrology lab and probably will not need it in the near future. No problems at all with it. I may ship to Germany. Just would need to do some research on shipping there.....


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