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[OBTAINED] Analog oscilloscope wanted under $100, 10+ MHz BW.

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Hi, I am looking for an used but working oscilloscope, I am EE beginner.  Dual trace one would be PERFECT!
Does anyone have to give away or sell for less than $100? My budget is really tight.
Thank you!
Lithuania, EU

For you budget I think you should have a look locally. A

Also has some cheap Hameg CROs. E.g:


Are there hamfest in your part of the world? If so I would start there.

The old Soviet military forces got rid of a lot of stuff when the USSR folded.
Some may still be around in your country,tucked away in someones back shed,or in an ordinary junk shop!
The hard bit may be finding out the specs of some of the old stuff,unless you can find a veteran who has used it.

The USSR folded about 20 years ago. So whatever was leftover is complete junk by now. I think the OP has a better chance looking at local hamfests and second hand websites.


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