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i'm looking at this:

there is a very big price difference between this and local and other sellers.
does this look suspicious to you guys?

the seller is 4K++ feedback with 99.8% +ve rating, accept paypal. with complete description of shipping, return policy etc. from my view its authentic, just aware the seller/item maybe from china, stated in shipping method.


--- Quote from: Mechatrommer on June 16, 2011, 02:14:58 am ---from my view its authentic

--- End quote ---

Really? The auction clearly states that it's a clone!

The Arduino is relatively expensive for what it is, and because the design is open it's trivially easy for anyone to clone and sell it cheaply. The name is trademarked, so clones are supposed to be given different names (see the Arduino FAQ).

Some people have reported quality issues with clones (though there were also some with the official boards), so don't expect or ask for support from the official supplier if you find any production defects. You may feel better about supporting the 'real thing' since the money will theoretically go toward developing new products, but that's a personal choice.

Anyway, they're fundamentally pretty simple so not a lot can go wrong, and it seems like a good price for the package.

They state it's a clone, but they use the Arduino name and symbol on the board in clear violation of trademark and OSHW goodwill.
But maybe it's an old photo, as they say the board changed to a clone board on June 1.

In any case, if you like the price, buy it.


i think i will :)

thxz guys.


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