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Atten Oscilloscopes, Soldering Irons and SMT Rework Stations

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Viking Test:
Hi Guys,

I'm new to the forum, and the world of electronics, and came across this forum whilst looking for further information on oscilloscopes. I've posted here as this is a shamless plug for the company I work for, Viking Test.

My area within the company is the sale of Oscilloscopes, Soldering Irons, Rework Stations and ESD consumables. As mentioned in the topic title, my supplier is Atten; I'm aware that they've had some negative press in the past, particularly in regards to the levels of customer service, but this is something that I've addressed with my counterpart at Atten, and have found her to be forthcoming with help and information when I've asked for it.

Our website is, from there you can find our online shop where our products are listed. Some of the products are not listed yet or have yet to have their prices added, please message me for more information (the IT department are who I seem to constantly be having my battles with! :) ).

In particular the range of oscilloscopes have yet to be added, models and prices below:

•   ADS1022C - £177.98
•   ADS1022C+ - £192.82
•   ADS1042C+ - £252.14
•   ADS1042CML - £257.08
•   ADS1062CML - £286.76
•   ADS1102CML - £375.74
•   ADS1152CML - £474.62
•   ADS1202CML - £682.28

Any questions please give me a shout.


Viking Test:
Also, forgot to add, if a mod can contact me, I'd be happy to look at putting a discount in place for members of this site for the whole range of products that I am responsible for if there is enough interest.



always good to see another reseller taking part ..

Link to pdf with some info about the scopes mentioned , looks like Rigol territory stuff:

No offence, but the website menu is taking 100% cpu on my ubuntu laptop... not nice.

Also the material listed there seams quite industry oriented, is this a new market you're adding to the portfolio?

Viking Test:
Hi Polosatik,

This is a new area for us, we've been selling the soldering irons, rework stations and ESD consumables since September, and have had a really positive response in regards to uptake. I've only had the oscilloscopes for a week, and I'm already speaking to a number of individuals about them.

Viking Test's main market is the testing of bare boards, supply of PCB manufacturing equipment and servicing.

I've checked the website on my laptop (Novatech), it's not caused me any issues, but I have raised your comment with the website administrator for his attention.


there is nothing a mod can do for you in the way of identifying members for discounts automatically, your best bet is to ask the potential buyer to email you the enquiry from their email address used for the forum, many members have viewable emails on their profile pages (not to be abused for spamming people) or if you ask nicely i can verify that the email address belongs to a member of the forum for you.



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