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FS AUS: HP 6632A, Yokogawa 2554 Voltage Current Standard, Ando Decade Inductor

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Hi All,

Items are located in Melbourne for pickup, Can post around Australia but I'd prefer not to. All prices are in Australian Dollars. Items just aren't being used and I want to make some room for other toys/tools. Ask questions and I'll answer them.

HP 6632A 20V 5A 100W - $350

I replaced all the Rifa caps, added nice Hirschmann (made in Germany) terminals on the front, added a switch to connect the sense terminals to the front connectors and added temperature control to the fan for moderate speeds during everyday use. Works great. I really like these supplies and have a couple from the series. This unit has a steel chassis rather than aluminium as most of my others. Includes rack ears, plastic feet and the shorting bars for the rear sense lines. These power supplies are tanks. See photos below.

Yokogawa 2554 DC Voltage Current Standard - $400

Nice heavy duty unit, Fully diecast case and very accurate. If you need one of these you know how handy it is to be able to dial in either voltage or current easily. The switches are gorgeous on this, but the vernier in particular is wonderful. Hasn't needed any work from me and still is accurate and reliable. 100VAC power input only, you need to supply the step down transformer. See photos below.

Ando AM-3301 Decade Inductor  - $225 each

Really lovely units from Japan, precision inductors on wonderful switches. The box is diecast aluminium and feels good to the touch. I cleaned the contacts with Deoxit recently and tested on my Ando LCR meter, all good. I have two of these for sale, $400 if you want both of them. See photos below.


Keysight 6655A 480W / 120V / 4A Power Supply - SOLD

2014 manufacturing date printed inside the covers. Great condition overall but a few marks from handling. I have the hard copy manuals and a CD-ROM of control software. Calibration expired around a year ago.

Boonton 1120 Audio Analyzer - SOLD

It's a nice simple/focused unit that had a central location on my bench for years as it gets everything done without too much thinking. I replaced all the major caps in this and changed a few op amps for better performance as per a thread, loopback performance is as pictured. Apparently this responds without any real changes to HP 8903 GPIB commands, there is a piece of software written by P.Millet to drive the HP unit from a PC that is meant to work well.

1 Ohm Reference resistor - SOLD
Made in Melbourne by J.L.William Scientific Instruments, Not exactly sure of the vintage but its has a classic vintage scientific vibe. I bought this maybe a year ago on this forum for the same price, its a wonderful object but I don't need it like I thought I would. Its oil filled and weighs a fraction under 3KG

Take care

Keysight 6655A

Boonton 1120

Ando AM-3301

J.M.William 1 Ohm Resistor


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