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AUCTION if anyone interested?

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Guys an Auction is coming up down the road from me but they don’t deliver. I’m going to offer pickup and UPS or FedEx drop off if anyone’s interested? Only items under 100lbs I can’t offer rigging or pallet delivery assistance yet!
1st item picked up $40
2,3,4… $10ea

Must supply me with proper paperwork per the Auction policy.

I’m happy to supply with any info about myself you might need, I’m offering this because I hate when I see an auction and find something I want but can’t find anyone to drop items at a shipping facility.


How are things going to get into shipping boxes? 

overseas...  :'(

Once dropped at UPS or Fed Ex they pack and ship. I will leave UPS your contact info so you can arrange and pay shipping. FedEx will require your account info and contact info.

Oversees is not possible sorry.


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