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Audio Hub, do these exist?

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All you've shown is that it gives an output of just under +6dBu at some output level setting.
If you want 0dBu out then turn down the signal.


--- Quote from: RPuccetti on February 01, 2012, 10:38:31 pm ---So I am looking for a device that will direct my computers audio where I want it.  I have speakers, headphones, and a cable from my lab in the other room for speakers there.  Is there such a device in existence?  I can't find the right wording to search for it i guess.


--- End quote ---

Have you checked your audio out puts on your computer on mine they are directly switchable from the desktop, i can switch between output sockets front back etc with a click of the mouse. If you cant on your computer it might be an idea to get a separate audio card.


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