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Available: Breakout boards for tiny motion and IMU sensor chips.


Have you ever tried hand soldering an LGA16 accelerometer chip, or a 3mm x 3mm compass by hand? We have - and its a nightmare.

We've created a line of small breakout boards here in the UK, posting to Europe and worldwide that makes using these small ICs much easier. We solder the chips onto small breakout boards for you, with all the supporting/configuring passive components such as resistors and capacitors, and fully test the boards before they are sent out.

If you are interested in:
The ADXL345 3 Axis Accelerometer, the HMC5883 3 Axis Compass, or the L3G4200D 3 Axis Gyroscope, we have breakout boards for you.

Here is our current line of breakout boards:

Plus we also have tutorials being created for our products, currently we have one explaining how to configure XBee wireless modules and have them talking to your Arduino or equivalent microcontroller.
Our tutorials are also announced via twitter, @loveelectron

Have fun hacking,
Love Electronics


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