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WTB: Vector network analyzer

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I will buy Vector Network Analyzer 3GHz and up. No CRT.   inp. 50 Ohm
price up to 2000 Euro.
HP, Keysight, Agilent, Anritsu etc.
In the EU.
Regards Jarek


Please correct your "B Vector network analyzer "  tiltle  to "WTB Vector network analyzer" 

I could not send you an private mail ?? i helps us understand your  want to buy ....  :-+

@coromonadalix thank you i corrected .
best regards Jarek

Marconi 6500 Automatic Network Amplitude Analyzer with 3 sensors (which have sequential Serial Nos). Also Marconi 6311 Sweep Generator is available.
I can only see three problems. Only amplitude, not vector, Green phosphor CRT and I’m no longer in Europe! Happy hunting.

Would a NanoVNA (v2) suffice? I don't have one for sale, but you can get them new and still slash a zero from your price target. 50 Ohm? Check. 3 GHz? Check. No CRT either. ;)


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