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Looks like they are already deleted.

Best way is to pay via Paypal but not as friends or family.
Then if anything goes wrong you can get a refund.

Tried to buy a pc cpu on Facebook but guy refused paypal so he didnt get a sale.
All sorts of scams on Facebook like having to pay postage upfront via a website.

I got tricked in a scam! Stupid I am!
I was contacted by "Maxcast" who invited me to contact "" saying that he probably had what I wanted.
Indeed, Colton (or whatever his name is) confirmed he had an "option  C" available. We agreed on a price.
Then he proposed to pay with Paypall insisting on the option "family and friends". So I did.
At that time I should have felt something was wrong: I never gave my shipping addres, he didn't ask  for it! Also the money was transferred to a different account:
Afterwards I found out that by paying "family and friends" you discard the money back guarantee from Paypal.

So, here I am. A disillusion richer(?) but still no prescaler for my 8640!

 :-+ for sharing your experience! That was a classic scam. First you're contacted by the 'opener' and then the 'closer' takes over to take your money. The money goes to a money mule, aka havala (Hindi). Sometimes the money mule is an elderly person not aware of being misused or a victim of identity theft, or someone falling for the supposedly lucrative side job. The scammers love Bitcoin, Zelle, gift cards, PayPal Friends and Family without buyer protection, bank transfers to foreign accounts and a few more. If you see anything mentioned above take it as a red flag.

Yes, no matter how alert we think we are, we only need to have a senior moment once at the wrong time. Had mine today (text from bank about new payee, link to alert them if it wasn't me) but fortunately some fly got in their ointment and nothing happened.


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