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Halcyon said:
--- Quote ---Some very good points to come out of this:

Don't use the "Friends and Family" option in PayPal if you're buying goods and services (personal payments are not covered under their buyer protection policy).
If approached by a forum member, check their profile. A zero, or low post count is suspicious. Likewise, if your spidey senses are tingling, contact a moderator and we'll do some additional checks.
--- End quote ---
Sage advice to say the least!

Good ol' Schurminater75
He also reached out to me regarding the 54901A that I wanted and said Harvey at would have what I wanted.  Just like some of the other posts I noticed here, he sent me pictures directly off an eBay listing.  Even included the serial number in the photos so it would be impossible to lie about it being a different unit.  As soon as I said that I would only pay via PayPal G&S and absolutely refused to use F&F he ghosted me.  Honestly I was expecting a scam, but I was kinda hoping it wouldn't be one.  He even said he was in California when the listing on eBay showed that unit was shipping from New York.  Like at least keep your information straight if you are going to steal info from an eBay listing.


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