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B+K Precision TR-110 ISOPACK Variable Voltage Isolation Transformer

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Its an IPC assembly standard ~ late 1990s, so you can estimate construction date by looking at assembly methods.  Those standards grew out of military and aerospace assembly techniques, which are of the highest quality.  Wraps are just one part of the requirements, and it isn't just about safety, it also includes reliability and levels of robustness.

I'm all for personal responsibility.  But safety has to be built in by builders as the technology gets more complex, its difficult for users to know what constitutes safe operation. 

Taking us back to the topic of isolation transformers, in the 1930s, a hot chassis was a common practice and hardly safe.  If a knob cover broke or if the outer case cracked exposing the inner metal chassis, users were exposed to mains voltage fairly easily.  Well, if they die that's their fault, they should have paid attention in school  ;).

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--- Quote from: saturation on December 08, 2011, 04:02:49 pm ---The build quality seems more 1990s than 2000+, many leads with potential main voltages on it are not shrink wrapped, not an issue just a clue to its age.

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Why should the leads be shrink wrapped, actually? They are inside a closed case and are insulated and securely soldered. Shrink wrap isn't going to help much if a connection comes loose.

I actually prefer construction from the 1930's or so, before people went stupidly crazy over "safety". If something was safe then, why isn't it safe now? It's the same universe with the same laws of physics. OK, I jest slightly, but it is important that people take personal responsibility for their own safety and not rely on others to protect them. I'm sure kids these days grow up believing anything they do and anything they touch is guaranteed not to harm them, so they can do anything they like without a care.

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