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The majority of posts are about selling and clearly there is a potential for people to abuse this in particular people registering for the sole purpose of selling. As is made clear already people may not conduct commercial selling on here only their personal stuff unless by prior agreement. I don't see the problem here. We did have a lot of people try to rock up and sell large quantities of PC parts as a commercial thing. That is what the rules are about.

You can of course ask about something you are interested in buying and although this seldom is required people are welcome to do so. there are no specific rules about this as there is nothing to abuse. Making more rules will not stop people from jumping up and down waving around a clearly misinterpreted rule. The more rules you have the more misinterpretation you can have.

We don't really have a problem in this section any more. I think the recent discussion that started to eclipse the original topics intent was just a case of someone wanting an argument that can happen over this section or any other aspect of the forum.

I fail to see how having more rules leads to misinterpretation  :-// The only way that is possible is if the rule either makes no sense or is poorly written or worse written for no reason. Currently we have what I would call a set of guidelines written by one member a long while ago in Internet time. I see some shortcomings in them and they are due for a refresh and some input and then a separate sticky from either you or Dave. While you as a Moderator don't see the need to rules or more fleshed out guidelines the general membership then has to rely what?

In the thread I linked in my previous post I can see nothing was done wrong unless there is something unseen or deleted? The member had made a few other posts around the forum and there is nothing obviously wrong in that thread and yet he was banned?

The bulk deletion from that WTB thread is not the reason I raise this but it is the reason why the deletion and moderation was needed. It came from someone reading into a 'note' what they wanted it to say and not what the intent was.


--- Quote from: beanflying on February 29, 2020, 01:27:12 pm ---

The bulk deletion from that WTB thread is not the reason I raise this but it is the reason why the deletion and moderation was needed. It came from someone reading into a 'note' what they wanted it to say and not what the intent was.

--- End quote ---

Correct. So what do you suggest rules wise? This is the first time in a long time we have ever had to worry about this. Any rules required so far have been to spell out the obvious to people who come here hoping to use it as a no fees ebay site to sell their stuff. There will always be things we have not thought of before and we hope people operate on common sense.

As you seem to not want to answer the direct question about the now banned member in the thread I linked you seem happy with a lack of them so you can act as you see fit? That member as far as I can tell did nothing wrong and as a fairly new member to the forum had made some posts in various other topics and yet you banned him seemingly without cause?

As to a basic set of rules and guidelines just a few random thoughts below.

No For Sale listings by members with less than X posts. In the past on other forums 5-10 posts was 'normal'. This can be done by a member permission/group in SMF or just put up as a rule and left to be moderated if needed. This generally puts paid to drive by spammers or opportunists. Also perhaps some leeway for members of more than a few months with minimal postings ?

Adds must contain a Guide Price either Sale or a Price Range in the case of WTB. It doesn't mean the seller won't take an offer but this isn't a blind Auction site.

Titles - Post #1 sort of covers that in Location and basic information

Adds when sold should have their title amended with a SOLD when finalised. This is only a nicety but it saves threads resurfacing with a "is this still for sale" post months later.

Obvious Commercial/Ebay linked threads accounts only by approval of Dave or perhaps some leeway for long term members?

Just a few ideas of a basic set of rules/guidelines to start it off.

I have not banned anyone regarding that thread so I have no idea what you are talking about or who you are talking about. I can't make changes to SMF, that is for Dave. You seem to be trying to pin down problems that are not there. If people want a more serious system as you suggest with all these features then I can suggest ebay!


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