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what request?

My 'WTB' post.  (Maybe "request" wasn't the best word.)

Nothing requiring any action by anyone here.  Apologies if I caused any confusion.


--- Quote from: Simon on March 01, 2020, 09:29:34 am ---
--- Quote from: Muttley Snickers on March 01, 2020, 09:22:43 am ---My interpretation of the rules was that the Buy/Sell/Wanted section is somewhat reserved for those who contribute to the forum, giving advice and assistance to other members qualifies as a contribution and inturn permits usage of the B/S/W section.

The member in question had nine posts, four of which were asking for advice and the other five in relation to an item for sale, the moderators stated they took action based on a questionable location or IP address, not necessarily the members prior posts.

--- End quote ---

If beanflying wants to go buying from dodgy characters i would just let him go right ahead.

--- End quote ---
Hardly the sort of reply we might expect from a moderator Simon.
Muttley makes a valid observation and you bring beanflying into the discussion.  :-//

Rightly or wrongly your actions have been questioned whether you like it or not and I'm not the only one confused by the methods you sometimes moderate here.
I can say you've treated me fairly however of other members I know whom have been banned I'm not so sure.

Criticism should not be seen a personal attack but instead concern of experienced members that other members may well have been unnecessary banned as a result of a willingness to press the ban trigger instead of delving deeper.


--- Quote from: Simon on March 01, 2020, 08:21:43 am ---So yau start talking about one thread that was recent and then allude to another, what do you think I am beanflying bloody clairvoyant? Look if you have a problem make clear what that is, I don't do telepathy. If you think you have a better way of doing it then work it all out and then come and tell us.

His location information was not clear and he did not answer the questions. As the introduction to the section says it is for long standing members. This guy rocked up and had something to sell with dubious location information, that is against the rules!

As for any other perceived iregularities unless we are told we are non the wiser. This stuff is hard to police. The alternative to achieve perfection is to not have a buy/sell section.

--- End quote ---

Simon I very clearly linked the thread and the ban imposed in it in the opening post. If you chose to gloss over my post and not read it let alone try to follow what was written then there is nothing I can do about your issue!

In this day and age of fairly widespread VPN usage dubious IP addresses abound and the correlation from actual user location to apparent is not to be relied on. I was for example block banning IP ranges on an SMF forum I was managing but I have removed them as they had become largely ineffective with the rise of cheap VPN's.

I see NO mention of "long standing members" anywhere in the opening post of this topic but feel free to point me to where it is?

You have seemingly used assumption and no attempt to contact that member via PM or Email to summarily execute them on grounds of 'suspicion'. A simple check of their other posts would go toward their bona fides  and if there was maybe a threat of a fraudulent sale then lock or remove the thread maybe at worst? If your reasoning of 'suspicion' is used then every member using a VPN should be afraid of a ban and yet we allow serial thread starters from Antarctica to exist :-//

Without some basic rules to follow members apparently are taking a risk of being banned on a whim.

I just joined today and want to post a batch of WTB posts.  I don't know enough to contribute to forum-relevant topics in any meaningful way  :)

If whomever moderates this post could get back to me on this it would be appreciated; I don't want to torque anyone off inadvertently.

thanks - Art - who considers 1940s Hickok equipment "Pretty modern" - and is old enough to have helped Dad changed tapes during a sort on an IBM 705


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