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Hey everybody. Does anyone know a place where to buy the Rigol DS1052E from Europe (I live in Belgium!)? Dealextreme has a cheap price but i think the taxes will be high! I've been searching, and even at the official rigol site i can't seem to find anything!
Any help would be appreciated! Thank you

I bought mine from Display Electronics (Netherlands). (19% VAT not included)

With that being said, I buy a lot of stuff from the US because even after shipping and VAT, it still is cheaper than what they want locally.

thanks for the site!
Though it really looks expensive to what US people have to pay, its like more then 150 euro plus :(
What about the UK? Just beware, that many ships from Hong Kong, which will add som tax.

I got mine from MCS test equipment in the UK, had a good experience, and they took some off as I was buying a few at a time. A friend's arrived with something loose inside (it was rattling). He phoned them up and it was replaced within two days. You pay more than importing, but at least there's some form of warranty on it!


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