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Calibration equipment for sale


Calibration equipment for sale
I am moving and downsizing
Buyer pays actual shipping
Pictures will be provided
Shipping is from USA
Prices are USD $

Items calibrated at a primary lab with data
Fluke 5450   $900
Fluke 731B   $400
Fluke 731B   $400

Uncalibrated items
General Resistance DV-4107D KVD $400
General Resistance DV-4107 KVD $150
Fluke 721A Lead compensator $150
3458A LTZ1000 ref board         $150

The KVDs are 7 digit and both work. You can flip every ppm in your 6 1/2 digit DMM.
The DV-4107 is 50+ years old and the case is scratched up. The banana jacks are missing the plastic thumb knobs. It works perfectly.
The DV-4107D is in excellent condition and works perfectly.

Questions are welcomed

Hi VintageNut,

I am interested in the LTZ reference board. Does it come with history or logged data? What is its condition?


What is the expected shipping cost - for Fluke 731B to Austin TX ( zip 78737)

Where are you located?

Can you post photos?

Is there any technical information anywhere regarding the DV-4107D?  I couldn't find any in a 10-second Google search.


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