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Closet Cleaning: Pair of Selsyn Motors listed on ebay

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Jon Chandler:
I just listed a pair of selsyn motors on ebay.

If you're not familiar with these, it's some amazing retro technology.  When connected together with a 5 conductor cable, one motor will follow exactly the other motor.  Pointers placed on each motor will stay synchronized or the motors can be run at speed and the shafts will stay locked together in phase.

This pair of motors happens to be from the US Navy and was probably used as part of the fire control system on the main guns on some ship.

Have a look if this interests you...and bid big :)

The motors are kind of heavy, so shipping outside the US might be a little costly.



Selsyn = synchro's = good stuff.

We still use synchro's on our radar systems, have proven more reliable than absolute position encoders a few times now.

With a date on them like 1944 , they are fresh too.   ;D

Sorry I could not hold my self.

And they still probably work to the original specs - no electronics to go belly up!

I was ready to tease you by saying .... I need to check the bearings first..

But any way , if some one needs something so specific , there it is ..  :)


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