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--- Quote from: Leo Bodnar on May 15, 2021, 01:49:23 pm ---A gentleman called Lothar Baier who runs scammed me last year for $250 on eBay.

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Wow, blast from the past.  We used to have endless discussions about Lothar's misdeeds on the Yahoo Groups mailing lists, e.g.:

Amazing that he's still up to the same tricks 10 years later.

Hello to all,

A real bad 'experience' with AliExpress and his seller Ecoolkey Technology... last year
I did buy a iPhone 7 for my wife's birthday.... had sound problems, the person called did loose the caller (fading) from time to time...
Did send back the iPhone, and confinement arrived.... the seller didn't try to get the parcel to the custom's.... so the package did come back to me....(took more than 90 days)  and after many exchanges with the seller and absolutely no help from AliExpress, even after 4 calls to the client support... the seller offered to exchange the iPhone on warranty.... but sorry the warranty had passed days ago... so I have a broken iPhone 7 ( I did make an expertise at Apple, but they would replace the iPhone for about the same price I already payed )

 DON't Buy anything from AliExpress and his seller Ecoolkey Technology, they are f* bastards!


--- Quote from: Leo Bodnar on May 15, 2021, 01:49:23 pm ---A gentleman called Lothar Baier who runs scammed me last year for $250 on eBay.
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He increases pressure, calling me a criminal, and threatening legal action claiming he has a team of lawyers here in the UK who have successfully prosecuted many of his eBay scammer customers like me.  He "gives me" a deadline to either pay or return the product at my cost with tracked and signed delivery to a German(?) address - even though I bought it from the US.

P.S. I am thinking that I should go ahead and open an unpaid debt claim in TX, USA.  Has anyone done this remotely from the UK?  What are my options?

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Wow that is some complicated scam scheme, is it a scam or a person who is mixed up? I've had similar kind of abusive situation regarding another activity I'm involved with, so I recognise the tactic. Obviously an unworthy person, proceed on that basis.
I know it's easy with hindsight. That threat about legal action, team of lawyers here in the UK, is the warning signal, like a watty resistor giving off smoke. Call his bluff, ask for the papers, they'll not arrive.

PayPal was good when it first got going (to lure us in), now it seems to have turned into a monster, there is a move to close access to  accounts, AI is on the move and PP is a part of that.  (AI as in automated "intelligence" - computers "dealing" with human interactions)

Times are changing (to our detriment), we need to be more carefull than ever.

Where to go for a refund is tricky, the seller will be well versed in all the tricks. Time for a lot of reading methinks, however not being in the US and I hear TX as a state has a lot of serious political issues to deal with.

With the unworthy seller I mentioned earlier, for the past 20 years (since we did business) I have made people aware on the various public message boards. I was careful to publish only facts I could substantiate and over the years many other people did the same thing. 4 years ago I met a person to buy some kit, who mentioned the guy's name and went on to describe the exact same situation I was complaining about!? The outcome being, make the unworthy seller come up in searches so people can check before entering into a deal with them.

The people who operate Texas microwave are crooks, and everybody should avoid doing business with them.

I had a more or less similar experience with them last year when I purchased an R&S RT-B1 kit from them on eBay.
I already posted a comment about this last year, and I am repeating it again, just as an advice to newcomers.

On June 21 I bought Item: 283919963673 (R&S RTO-B1 Mixed Signal pods & Accessory Kit) on eBay from surplusseller75440 (microwave75440 /
I paid a total of $422.26 ($300.00 purchase / $28.25 shipping $94.01 Import charges) with PayPal.
Almost immediately after the sale this order was canceled by surplusseller75440 with as reason that eBay had put a 21 day hold on my payment, and that they couldn't wait that long for their money, and $422.26 was credited into my account.
So I contacted surplusseller75440, and they told me that if I was still interested in the item he would need my PayPal address, so he could send me a PayPal invoice.
I did this, and shortly after received an Invoice for $349,50 ($300,00 purchase / $49,50 shipping) from, which I paid wit PayPal on June 22.
After this I sent Kelly 11 emails requesting confirmation of shipping and the courier name with tracking number, and only received 1 response saying that they had shipped the package with USPS, and that "their packing company" had sent me the tracking number.

So after sending another 5+ emails stating that I had never received the tracking number, and requesting to re-send it, they responded that they could contact "their packing company" to see if they could re-send it.

I also called their registered phone number 1-903-474-7943 several times on the 24th, 25th & 26th of June,
and all I heard was an automated message saying that the person from this number hasn’t setup a mailbox yet

On the 6th of august, I still hadn't received my package, nor did I receive the tracking number, so I opened a claim with PayPal, and after a while got my money back.

My advise; do not buy anything from, unless you live in their neighborhood and can pick up the package yourself.

Proper packing is a subject unto itself. Over the years I have been the person to receive many items of expensive, electronic equipment. Most were packed professionally by a knowledgeable shipping department of a major company and they usually arrived in mint condition. But when the packing was done by a new-comer the damage was usually predictable from the way the item was packed. One of the best methods I have seen is the double box with sufficient packing material in both of them. My rule is there should be at least one inch of packing material on ALL sides of the item and that applies to the SPACE between the inner box and the outer one. But some items do need individual consideration. 

Another very good way is to use that spray can foam that is available at hardware stores, Great Stuff is one brand. A bottom plastic bag is placed in the box and the foam is sprayed in it to about the 1/3 level in the box. Then, before the foam hardens, that bag is sealed and the item is placed onto the top of the bag and allowed to sink in about half way. Then another plastic bag is placed on top of the item and it is filled with the foam to the top of the box. The bag is folded over and the box is closed. If there is at least one inch of foam on all sides of the item, this is almost bullet proof. And the receiver only has to lift the top bag of foam off and take the item out. The first time I saw this I was amazed.

Oh, and on that "all sides" thing. The BOTTOM does count. In fact, the bottom is the most important side to have good packing.

--- Quote from: kawal on February 26, 2021, 02:32:22 pm ---Got a nice power supply from Ebay . Unfortunately the packing was not up to the weight  of the item and that  cause massive damage.  The seller tried to pack well but used low density foam for such a heavy unit.  Shame to have this happen to such a nice supply.

msc-llc 100%  positive so might be just bad luck.

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