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This may not apply world wide, but for the buyers in the US it is almost a bullet proof way to prevent being swindled.

US law and/or banking regulations provide a LOT of protection against fraud via a credit card. I ALWAYS pay for any web purchases and for most of my local, in person purchases, with a CREDIT CARD. The credit card companies (banks) are very attentive to fraudulent purchases made with their credit cards.

What do you have to do to get this protection?

1. Use a CREDIT card to make the purchase. I emphasized the word "CREDIT" because I think that DEBIT cards probably work differently. Debit cards are similar to a cash transaction or a check written on your checking account at your bank. Once the money is gone, it very well may be just that, GONE. Use a CREDIT card.

2. If you are the victim of fraud, REPORT it to the credit card company in a prompt manner. 30 days is best, but do report it as soon as possible. And do so IN WRITING! Sure, call them, but back it up with a paper and ink letter that has your signature. Yes, it will cost a stamp, but that is peanuts vs. the amount you may lose.

3. Keep on top of it. Do not let the credit card company just let it drop from inattention.

And I have personally had fraudulent amounts reversed by the credit card company/bank on some web transactions. One such incident went back over a year and involved a company that seemed to go out of business, but still collected monthly payments from my credit card. I got every penny back simply by following the above three steps.

Even if you use PayPal or another similar service, you can specify that the funds for the purchase be taken from your credit card account. I do that all the time.

I have never lost a penny with internet purchases just by following this simple practice: always use a credit card.

I bought a power supply from Aliexpress (RD Official Store)
He sent me a refurbished power supply. He sent me the power supply without that foil.But it had foil!Because the pieces of foil stuck to the power supply.Especially around the screws And with a broken seal.
After this I asked for a refund and gave him negative feedback and after that he also gave me negative feedback

Leo Bodnar:
I have tried to buy some ICs from WIN-SOURCE based on recommendation.

WIN-SOURCE website listed them as 4000 in stock for $2.56 so I bought 118 ICs (highest price break) for $302 total. 
Their stock level immediately dropped by 118 units.
Paid right away and got the order confirmation.

Nothing happened for a week.

Emailed them - they replied that they have been on a week long holiday two weeks ago, celebrating National Day (sic) and had a lot of orders to ship but now will get to mine right away.

Then they emailed me to say that the market is difficult and they have adjusted (increased) the price from $2.56 to $3.32 so unless I pay them another $89 they won't ship the order.

I have told them that I am actually looking to buy a few thousands of these ICs (which is true) but bought 118 just to see if WIN-SOURCE is trustworthy to which I now have doubts (which is also true.)

They said: nope, no mistake, no money - no honey.  But they will be happy to cancel the order and refund payment.

I have requested cancellation and refund.  But this has not happened either.

After waiting some more I had to open a PayPal dispute.


So, maybe think twice when buying from WIN-SOURCE.  Unless I was just unlucky?


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