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The Bad Shopping Experience Thread

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That is just horrid, I really hope you get your money back and then some.

Fuck- $3000.

And it sounds like they are well experienced at ripping people off.. I hope they get caught, and nailed.

--- Quote from: pablofg on July 17, 2014, 07:11:34 am ---Hi,

I love David's videos, they are fun and you always learn something, although I would like to see more repair videos or repair tutorials.

I haven't seen any black list section and I think it's a good idea to start one, be it for good or bad experience.
I recently bought goods for $3000 from Tev Electronics co., limited, which has a site at
I asked for pictures before sending goods and everything looked ok. But when I tested the ICs (some flash memories) they were all not working, NONE of them worked. They came in very nice package like original and looked brand new. After further tests it turned out that they were FAKE chips made on demand for my order. They have a complete system of remarking the chips or making chips with empty core. Unbelievable!
I've been trying to contact them and make a claim and they don't answer anymore. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

--- End quote ---

One for UK ebay users to avoid, seller name: abduken0

Sent me a duff ADF4351 synthesiser module, uncommunicative when I asked for a return, had to get ebay to step in. Then tried to scam me out of return postage. The 100k 99% positive feedback is a joke, don't believe it.

Matt Coates:
I purchased an ESD bag sealer for £240 from what I though was a reputable supplier here -

I was told they were out of stock but they'd order me one in. This EXACT item is what turned up 1 week later...

Clearly someone is trying to take the piss.

The sealer looks ok, but the price they charged you is exorbitant.
Did you complain with the supplier?

Years ago I had to remind sellers not to forget the anti static bag.

Now they just ignore me or don't bother reading the notes:

They have accepted a return which is decent but that's a shame given it was at a good price.


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