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The Bad Shopping Experience Thread

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Blimey! At least there was resolution for that one, but it would be far better not to have that hassle in the first place.

Depending on the place in the world, the issue would have been solved quicker, although with much more dire consequences...

I had been sold many times before used things advertised as new where I'd report and take action if they cost considerably or are in bad condition.

I reminded a seller to remember the anti static bag for some ram that I just ordered and they replied that they always do that.

A Lenovo M92p minipc arrived today.

For the small box and the weight of that thing I would have expected bubble wrap outside or a larger box

I heard a rattle and as I opened it I found one screw loose:

I didn't want to take a chance with it as I wouldn't know what damage that could have caused so I started a return and seller approved. Seller said it was a caddy screw. I thought fair enough, it's only one and accidents like this can happen.

When putting it back I heard a little rattle and then other screws fell out behind the fan with one crushed up against the board.

Crushed up aganst board when I removed the fan:

See the scratch marks on that die on closeup:

All Four caddy screws like someone just thrown them in there for me instead of putting them in a bag in the packaging.
I am not sure if it was an accident that I'd like to think or whoever put it there thought it was acceptable.

Now I have ask sellers to check for these things too.

How broken is the ebay app these days? I bought something yesterday, and despite being the only bidder, it took 13 minutes from auction close to being declared the winner.   :palm:


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