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It isn't clear from your post: did the meter power up and work on all ranges, despite the rust and the fuse antics?  lf so, AFAIK it is considered "used" but it is obviously in bad shape and previously "fixed".

I would never sell such thing in this state, but if a buyer of mine complains of something inside a working equipment after opening it, I would also dispute back the buyer's claims. 


--- Quote from: rsjsouza on October 01, 2022, 10:41:39 pm ---It isn't clear from your post: did the meter power up and work on all ranges, despite the rust and the fuse antics?  lf so, AFAIK it is considered "used" but it is obviously in bad shape and previously "fixed".

--- End quote ---

It'd be downright stupid for me to have tested the meter in all ranges, without first sufficiently cleaning it. Perhaps you meant modes though, and in a sense, yep, it "worked" but certainly didn't meet two important core criteria: that the device function as intended and arrive without any key components missing. Check the condition requirements yourself for the business & industrial category's used condition. Simply being functional is insufficient.

A foundational aspect of a handheld meter is inherent safety in a device intended to be touching both a human and voltages up to & including 1kV. Fasteners & fuses can be replaced. A standoff that's not just cracked, but totally absent, certainly can't without the entire front half of the housing being replaced.

I did hope when initially reaching out to the seller that a fair partial refund would make things right. That wasn't an option for this indifferent and dismissively prideful arse though, and it didn't bother me until I much later found his lazy and willful effort to deceive, and for a component material to the device's safety.

Yeah, there are probably enterprising idiots who try to make fraudulent claims that have no basis in fact or seller responsibility, but I'm not an idiot of that particular sort. And yes, sellers should certainly contest any claims where they've got even one leg to stand on, but this seller had none, and the righteousness all his messages were steeped in hopefully indicates there were lessons learned.

An interesting sort of silver lining for the dark cloud that I suppose is this thread:

The other day I spotted a New Open Box Fluke 87V/E2 Kit (a fabric case, some fancier leads & alligator doodads), TPAK. The box looked like it’d been through the war, but sure enough, all accessories were there.

Something didn’t seem right with the meter at first glance. Ah, the shift button and secondary dial indicators: they weren’t yellow.

Wait a minute, there’s not even text on the meter’s screen bezel.

I wasn’t sure if it was an 83 or 85 or maybe even an older 87 but I sent a friendly note to the seller. Then I noticed the Amazon Warehouse tape on the exterior of the box in the pictures — that’s the branding they use (similar to Amazon Renewed) for selling returns that they’ve decided not to fraudulently sell as new (don’t get me started!).

I figure some wannabe conman swapped in their old meter and maybe even the serial number sticker got migrated, then returned their “87V” back to Amazon thinking no one would be the wiser. And I’m guessing that, initially, nobody was. That’s the only way I could see that branded tape making its way onto that tattered retail box.

I should get to learn the details for myself, because the seller thanked me and offered me a coupon to their store that mainly sold stuff I’m not interested in. They said they’d dispose of it, so I floated the idea of buying that now-delisted item for the accessories and to run a mock investigation on the meter (was it missing the whole display bezel? did the SN sticker get carefully migrated? etc.). They were game for a couple Jacksons and I’m smirking at the level of anxiousness for the postman to make his daily pass more than I think I’ve been for a long time.

It’s a shame these sorts of bad actors kick off a sequence of events that can have a pretty long tail with several people getting ripped off after the fact. I’m honestly hopeful that there’s some possibility that either Amazon (who’d likely give no ducks) or Fluke would be interested in chasing down what, from my IANAL point of view, involves wire fraud, mail fraud, & almost certainly falls under federal jurisdiction. Even if I don’t get to indulge my dreams of being a tiny action figure-sized version of some superhero or another (imho this is far from a rat-class move), I did score some decent accessories and a random old meter for a deal, and helped shield who I’d imagine is a seller with no culpability in the fecal smears all over the situation.

Also beware of the discount/bargain scam! Scammers use hacked reseller acounts to offer more expensive stuff (smartphones, coffee machines, ...) for a too-good-to-be-true price and try to lure the potential buyers away from the shopping platform for the payment, i.e. no buyer protection anymore. Either the product description includes a note like 'contact seller before buying' or the seller cancels the order and sends you an email. This scam is quite rampant at the moment.

I was looking for some alcohol cleaner and ordered a few strengths from different sellers which turned up fine except for one.
Listing states:
"Fast Aid 70% Alcohol Hands & Surface Cleaning Disinfectant Spray Sanitiser"
"FAST AID 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Hand and Surface Disinfectant Spray"
Listing photo shows a "Robinson Healthcare" branded bottle with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.

Received: Clinell Universal spray


--- Quote ---Benzalkonium chloride (0.45%)
dideclydimonium chloride (0.4%)
polyhexamethylenebiguanie hydrochloride (0.1%)
phenoxyethanol (0.075%
--- End quote ---
I don't see any 70% Isopropyl Alcohol in the ingredients above.

A listing description of one brand and a picture of a another brand both showing 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and they sent out one with none.
Opened a return and I think it will be fine from there.

I cannot see this Clinell Universal spray listed on the other seller listings so it looks like it wasn't sent out by mistake.

Some weeks ago I ordered 2x 8GB 1600mhz DDR3L PC3L-12800S as listed and pictured.

They turned up packaged well in an anti static bag as I'd expect but it was a it is DDR3 slower speed PCL-10600 (1333MHz) non low power variant.

The seller apologized and said that's all they had left in stock but could I test it to see if it works. I replied that I am sure it works but it is not what I ordered so returned that without a problem.

Well at least they apologized but I'd imagine it would have been if they'd just cancel the order, a message explaining that they are out of stock and amend the listing than waste their time and money posting it.


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