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Creatronica - Capacitor ESR Meter And Transformer Tester [ Capacheck Mictron ]

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Guys ,
         This Is a Analog ESR Meter That We Import To India From Argentina .Available For Sales To USA / UK /Australia And India Currently And Listed On And .

My Ebay Auction -> " Just Search For " Creatronica ESR Meter "


The Problem :
                        Electrical and electronic equipment and consumer professionals, which contains dozens or even hundreds of electrolytic capacitors and all kinds of components for its manufacturing technology have a life limited service compared to other electronics, and more sooner or later cause various failures in the various circuits in which they are applied.They Need To Be Tested Reliably and With Accuracy .
Common Answers I Get when i Ask " Do You Have ESR Meter " :
                       Well the Following Are The Common Answers I Get .Hi i Have a Analog Multimeter and I Tested This Electrolytic Capacitor For " Short " And " Leak " .Well HAA HAA Good .More Chirpy Once Will Say I Have a Analogue Multimeter And I Tested The Same for " Short "  And  " Leaky " Status Via That And Then I Have a Excellent Multimeter and Tested The Farads Of The Capacitor And It Was Within Spec Like Plus/Minus 10% Or 20%  .Hence They Assume The Capacitor Is Not BAD .Well Guys Take a Hike and Read This.
Capacitance ESR :
                       ESR stands for Equivalent Series Resistance. Equivalent Series Resistance or ESR, is a dynamic parameter magnitude of capacitors that reflects the state of the vital parts of a capacitor, This is important to determine whether it is in good or poor state. The ESR may be defined as pure and total dynamic resistance that opposes a capacitor to the passage of an alternating current. Includes the DC resistance of the terminals, the DC resistance of the dielectric material, the resistance of the plates (DC and AC) and the AC resistance of the dielectric phase at a frequency and temperature. The ESR can be imagined as an ideal resistor in series with the capacitor, which can be measured only by canceling the capacitive reactance of the capacitor, measuring Ohms AC. The ESR is not a physical resistance within the capacitor can be measured with a common DC ohmmeter Aka Multimeter , but a resistance that is manifested only in alternating current and is derived from the formula E = I. ESR, where the reactance of the capacitor is equal or close to zero. Hence the need for specialized ESR meter, which establishes the conditions under which such magnitude could be measured, ie AC voltage and frequency similar to those used by manufacturers in the specifications of the capacitors they produce. Usually, and in principle for electrolytic capacitors, this frequency is 100 kHz. Some manufacturers specify their capacitors at different frequencies to the above, and this should be considered when comparing the measured ESR specified as the parameter ESR is frequency dependent and would be a mistake to compare ESR readings at different frequencies
Capacitance Meter Versus ESR Meter :
                        In repair, maintenance and troubleshooting when you suspect the failure is caused by one or more capacitors, the need to measure them in some practical, fast, reliable and secure Method. To measure capacitors, the first thing that comes to mind is to have a capacitance meter. But is it really appropriate? Let's see ... A capacitance meter (capacit√≥metro), as its name implies, measures the ability of a capacitor, expressed in units of farads [F] and submultiples. The use of a capacitance meter for detecting a failure or variation of the other parameters of a capacitor is not always the best choice, since the capacitance change is merely a reflection of the real problem of capacitors (especially electrolytic) which is the change in the ESR normal value, causing the capacitance change. In certain cases, a change in the capacitance value of the order of 10%, conceals a change in value of ESR of up to 120%, which, compared to a big change, always be easier to determine the state of a capacitor using an ESR meter, Then with a capacitance meter. On the other hand, using a capacitance meter, it is required to disconnect the capacitor from its circuit work, preventing in-circuit measurement and should take precautions with the polarity of the test points and also Null " Remove " all residual voltage present In And Around The Capacitor , to protect the instrument.With CAPACheck ESR Meters can be measured without disconnecting without desoldering without observing the polarity, without discharging the capacitor, and even with the equipment under test on, if the capacitor between terminals is less than 630 volts DC, for not affects the direct voltage (in AC mode only). In our experience, based on the repair of all types of electronic equipment, we know that failing, 80% of the capacitors have ESR parameter alteration, 15% alters the value of 5% capacity and alters its rated leakage, or other parameters.  .
What changes ESR Value Of Capacitors :
                        A high ESR can be the result of internal dehydration of the capacitor due to leakage of electrolyte, which can be caused by heat generated over time, an inefficient sealing, heat generated internally due to high ripple current (ripple, etc.). The latter also has the misfortune to be cumulative over time, and directly dependent on the ESR, in other words, the higher the ESR, the higher temperature. Another common cause of high ESR is the internal welds broken, loose terminals and / or internal corrosion. These problems cause variable and intermittent ESR, which can usually be detected by moving the terminals of the capacitor with the meter connected to it. The ESR, being electrochemical in nature, is influenced by temperature. However, with the use of CAPACheck You Can Spot this Difference In ESR Value Of Capacitors .
About Creatronica ESR Meter :
To Cut The Long Story Short .I Have Spend Far More Time In Research Then any Indian Could for ESR Meter .This Is The Reason We Choose Anatek ESR Meter For Selling In Digital Version -> Click Here To Know More . Now What Was Required Was a Analog ESR Meter Also .Initially I Though I will Make My Own "Lol I Still will " But Till that Time I Have To Offer You a Excellent Analog ESR Meter From Argentina .Yup The Place Or Favourita Footballer Maradona .This Is the third Version Of The Analog Meter Creatronica Sells  .The Older Models Were CAPACheck 735 XL PLUS -> Click Here for More Info And CAPACheck 911 XL PLUS - >  Click Here For More Info .This Like The Anatek Blue ESR Meter Is The Third Version Of This Design . But Why a Analog ESR Meter .Well For Starters I Find The Scale Arrangement In This Awesome To Find Out BAD/OK/GOOD Capacitors .Its Just Awesome .Analog Meters Have a Appeal Of Thier Own . Secondly this Meter Also Test Transformers And Switching Type Flyback Transformers Wooo .
Youtube Video Made By Me For The Same

Restocked 5 More Units - >

Hello Folks ,
      Sold Two Units On .First Guy never paid up .Second guy paid today and its being shipped  .Added a new listing with 3 units for Indian , UK , USA and Australian Friends And Peers .Would Like To Do a Teardown On sunday and post it here for you folks to check  .

Note :  We Do Accept Paypal And You Can Also Buy Directly From My Website

Amarbir , could you post the actual links in the future please , all you are doing is posting the front page links to the bay , anyone can do that!

I did a search and nothing came up at all or the meter  :o , please do not be sooooooooooooooooooooooo lazy :P.

ps:i'm not interested in one , but i still like to look , without the hassle of looking or searching since you are recommending ::)

edited> 7044rp =130 aussie
edited#2> a digital generic meter on the bay is around 50 aussie ....


--- Quote from: GEuser on October 14, 2012, 04:34:14 am ---Amarbir , could you post the actual links in the future please , all you are doing is posting the front page links to the bay , anyone can do that!

I did a search and nothing came up at all or the meter  :o , please do not be sooooooooooooooooooooooo lazy :P .

ps:i'm not interested in one , but i still like to look , without the hassle of looking or searching since you are recommending ::)

edited> 7044rp =130 aussie
edited#2> a digital generic meter on the bay is around 50 aussie ....

--- End quote ---

Sir ,
     Nope i was not being lazy ,just Was earlier listing 1 unit each time as i am governed under ebay india rules that suck .Stuff like your listing is removed cos you have a youtube video in it  ,what ? i said where is it written ,nowhere they said but it is not allowed  .Anyways a better idea would be to post my ebay store link and you can check creatronica in it  .

Lynx ebay store ->

PS : True digital esr meters are cheaper then Analogs ,but that is everywhere i have a dick smith mk-II myself  :D

Note :  True The listing is not visible in ebay uk and australia ,Why no clue but i have paid ebay for the same .I will cross check with them again .

Holy crap, 150 bucks for that? I can buy a digital lcr meter at ratshack for less than half that. I'm down with the analog business, but that thing looks more like a cheap micronta than a simpson.


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