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Dear Sir/Madam,

Perhaps you are worrying about where to get cheap and good quality PCBs,
we hope we could be one of your choices.

CircuitMart is a professional Printed Circuit Board supplier in China. We
have been serving  customers from nearly 40 countries with PCB/FPC and
other related products for 6 years, and will continue to provide the best
products and service to our customers.

Exactly, PCB is our major business. We supply all kinds of boards, from
1-48 layers, Flex, Flex-rigid and have a wide network
of producers which support almost all kinds of base materials and
substrates. We are especially good at quick turnaround jobs.
Normally, we can finish the PCBs within 3 working days for a 6 layers
board or below; and 5 working days for 8-12 layers board.
We have been continuously seeking for the best production partners for our
customers. For 2 layer pcb with normal size, the cost is
only USD49 for 10pcs prototyping. For large mass production of them, we
can achieve the lowest cost to USD69 per m2. If you are
interested, Pls do have a try with us.

CircuitMart is our company, however it is a hand of customers extending to
the best outsourcing choice in China. We are very proud
to be your reliable and cost-effective choice.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

With Best Regards!

Michael M
Tel: 0086 20 3470 4123      
Email  :
Facebook : Michael Mai  
Twitter: mw424  

That's the real test, will they reply to this forum!
I get an email or two exactly like this every week!



--- Quote from: Mechatrommer on May 31, 2011, 03:28:02 am ---do you accept paypal payment?

--- End quote ---


Hello Friends,

This is Iris reading your posts, not robot,....

We do offer PCB making, part sourcing service from China.

If this is useful to you, browse us or contact for details.

As a rule, Clients from this forum, pls tell me for discount
purpose for first order.

We accept Paypal, and when everything regading your
data is compelete and without any further technical
doubt, we could start fabrication with your confirmation.
You could Paypal your money when the board is finished
and ready to ship.

Friends from forum source tried us before and give positive
response, but here I don't want to diclose details to boast.

Have a try, perhaps you will find a new way for your fabrication
purpose, economical and reliable, because my pricing is simple
compared with other similar vendor, I never charge V-score,
different solder mask color, ROHS HAL or similar things from you.

Have a try, and you give us a chance, Circuit-Mart is real and
has been in PCB related field for several years.

Iris is real, and I have also been in this field for 9 years. But
I am a little lazy ;) and you could call it low tone.... I want to
have some client like friends, instead of earning you lots of
money and you kick me off next time.

Thank you all very much.


Could you improve this offering?

I'm planning to make some PROTOTYPES... low quantity, low price... or you are offering high volume at very low price?

In that case... could you beat that?

(I seriously considering those two suppliers for my next, low volume, project)


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