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Desperately seeking an oscilloscope -- maybe in Canada? :)

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Hiya folks!

First poster here! (long time lurker and follower of the EEVBlog though)!

This looks to be a great forum full of knowledgeable people, and I hope to spend some more time here!

Anyhow, I am an EE student who is desperately seeking an oscilloscope for my use at home. I have plenty of other resources but no oscilloscope, so as you can imagine, my experimental pallet is quite limited. I find the university environment pretty poor for my creative learning (how's that for weird?), since our equipment there is crap and I can never find what I am looking for. A good portion of the department is also quite unfriendly and hates to share their equipment, so I really want a 'scope for at home!

I have been reading reviews and such and would like a Rigol DS1052 in the future, but simply cannot afford that right now.

I am constantly searching the local classifieds and whatnot, but everyone in my crummy city seems to think their crappy old analogue scope that doesn't even work is a $300 "antique"/"collectible".

Most of the experiments I like to conduct are in the audio spectrum, so I don't need a terribly good 'scope. I would be delighted to just have a 20Mhz one!

Is there anyone in Canada that is willing to sell me an old clunker so I can stop being in the dark when fooling with analogue circuitry? :) I just know there must be someone with a collection of scopes they hardly use any longer.

I have PayPal at the ready and am prepared to pay for shipping costs, of course.

If you are at all uncertain of my authenticity/what have you (due to my low post count, whatever it may be), I am totally open to a phone conversation to clear your mind. I am a long time eBayer as well as an established online businessman and have a perfect feedback record. I am willing to provide whatever reference you might desire to clear your mind.

So, if you have something that you think will work for me, please do let me know and help me to get an oscilloscope!

Many thanks in advance!

Oh yes, forgot to mention -- even if you're over the border a bit, I'm still willing to consider it! I ship a lot of stuff into Canada so am used to paying customs. Especially if you are from Minnesota or ND, that's very close to me and would be pretty economical (I'm in Manitoba, right above ya if so)!

Whats wrong with Ebay in Canada? Or is there a more popular local alternative for trading second hand stuff?

I would add my usual suggestion: Have a look out for Hamfests in your City,there are often cheap Oscilloscopes to be had at these events.
If a road trip is OK,you can probably find quite a few of these over the border in the USA.

Don't be put off by the local classifieds,I've seen the same silly stuff in ours,but occasionally you will find something sensibly priced.
What about  Ebay in the USA,if the Canadian one doesn't have anything?
If there are any cheapies in the northern states which are "Pickup only",again,a roadtrip may be worthwhile.

I had a look on EBay Canada .

There seem to be a few'scopes available,varying from around $C100 or so,up to $C300 in Canada,but most of them seem to be on the other side of the country to you.
This is the same problem we face here in  West Oz,with most of the stuff in the Eastern States.
I noticed some of the Quebecois will only ship within Quebec! ;D

With the USA included,you have a lot more choices.
Of course,if they get into a bidding war,some of the prices may go out of sight,but it looks like you have a reasonable chance of getting something cheap.


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