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Does anyone collect vintage cassette tape recorders? I have three... *UK*


Does anyone collect vintage cassette tape recorders? I have three, and will sell to whoever wants them, for a reasonable cost (not expecting to make a fortune here):

1/ BASF 9201

2/ Grundig C410 ("Microfon")

3/ Hanimex (unknown model/unmarked)

I don't know anything of these items except that they came from my grandparents who were meticulous with their possessions. The Hanimex has slight battery bay corrosion, but the BASF and Grundig are spotless. I have no time to spend on this, so if you want them, express an interest and you pay shipping or collect in person, from Northants UK.

No further information, no idea of working condition, suffice to say they are not destroyed and in reasonable conditon. May be good for someone into this stuff, but since we already have a house overflowing with old items we do not need, I need to shift them.

Images: --->>

Thank you :)

Do you have these units by coincidence of are you a collector or something? I'm looking for kinda vintage casette player KENWOOD KX7050S. Might be operational or disfunctional/broken (my dad needs spare parts to repair his own unit). apparently there weren't many units of those made and spare parts are really hard to come by.

I've posted this link on Synth DIY, a mailing list for synthesizer DIY enthusiasts. Let's see if anyone there is interested in these.


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