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EBAY: LED Display Module FLUKE 8840A/42A (DIY Kit) replace broken, damaged VFD

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Glad to meet everyone in the New Year!
All the best for the New Year!

A new batch of LED displays are on sale.

Listing link updated (first post).

Ordered one. Thank you!  :-+

Hello very fine work: Does the kit include step by step instructions or one muse go thru this very long thread to extract the procedure?

I have never disassembled the 8842A. Approx Time  to do the entire process,  1 hr? 1 day?

I will buy IF  if the procedure is easy and obvious but no time in my life to use up a day.

Many thanks


I have replaced 3 VFDs with these LED units. You need to follow the service manual to disassemble the meter and extract
the VFD PCB. It is easily done but not trivial. Care must be taken to not damage any of the hybrid modules on the
main board. Dont take short cuts. You must have the basic skills to de-solder the VFD also. The traces are easily
damaged with too much heat.

Installation of the replacement to the PCB is easy. Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly.
Not a 1hr job.

Hi, is this kit still available to buyers? the eBay link seems broken.


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