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EBAY: (Now ended) Tektronix MDO4104-6 Oscilloscope (1GHz) with RF up to 6 GHz


I saw this listing and was thinking of flipping it. This MDO4104-6 was previously listed as buy it now for $8k and it didn't sell, and then received no bids for a $5k starting price. It relisted again at $5k starting bid and so far no takers. I thought these are worth more than $5k, any thoughts on trying to flip this? Or is it the high runtime hours that bring down the value?

Now ended

Tektronix and oscilloscope are typical search terms in the fleabay. If it was such a good deal my guess is it would have flown already.

Also, price speculation is killing the used hobbyist market.

Old Printer:
If its not moving on ebay where would you "flip" it? Since we don't have a feedback system here all we go on is join date and active posts, and you have neither.

The specific difficulty, IMHO, with non-generic test equipment (and I'd count an MDO to that) is that for a hobbyist, you can almost always getting a significantly better _and_ cheaper measurement platform by being smart, investing some time and (ab-)using lower-cost equipment in the right way. It will cost you some time, but at $0/h (which seems to be a decent hourly rate for a hobby), you can invest _a lot_ of time.

The applications for time-synchronized measurements of RF and 1GHz baseband at the same time are .. almost not-existent. RF? Yes. 1GHZ baseband? maybe. Time-sycnronized? Yeah, if you just happen to work on a transmitter or some complex RX setups. But all at the same time? I doubt it.

And if your hobby project is advanced enough to really require it, you're also advanced enough to use some SDR (or just a downconverter connected to a second scope channel), some custom trigger circuitry, perhaps an FPGA and get away with it for a fraction of the price and twice the capabilities.

If you're doing this professionally, then the used market is not very interesting.

(And I'm saying this having debated to buy a Tek MDO quite a number of times.)

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