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electrically adjustable 'laser beam deflection mirrors'


I'm looking for a source where I can get mirrors which can be rotated electrically to deflect a laser beam. Many years ago I've seen them in an article but I have no idea where to look right now.

Search for galvnometer mirrors or galvanometer mirror mounts.

Hi Nctnico,

I have a set of 25k galvanometers with mounting brackets and controller modules. I have recently moved house and am trying to reduce the amount of crap unused hardware that I have in my workshop.

These galvos are only 25kppm, so they aren't good for really fast, advanced lasers show patterns, but will be fine for basic stuff.

If you'd like them and are willing to risk shipping from Australia, let me know. I'll dig them up and take some photos, and find the specifications. I've never used them.

I also have a 532nm (green) 100mW laser module that supports PWM or analog dimming, with safety goggles... After doing a laser safety course, I have realized that my workshop is not adequately set up for working with lasers, I do not wish to risk my eyesight. Accordingly, I will be looking to sell this module too. It only has minimal use, however it isn't the highest quality module and mode-hops before it warms up.

PM me if you're keen.


Thanks, but my goal isn't a one-off project  ;)

OK, no problems. You might want to ask around to see if someone can hook you up with a supplier.



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