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Elektor Files wanted for the 1997 Advanced RLC Meter Project

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Can anyone assist me with the Elektor Hex and Jed programming files needed for the Advanced RLC Meter published in the August 1997 and on issues of Elektor please?

The files I need are and

If anybody actually built this RLC Meter and can dump the files from a working one I'd be very grateful - I can't find them on the Elektor Website any more, they're not on the 1990-1999 Archive DVD I bought, and the only CD I had them is no longer readable!

Chris Williams

Hi Chris,
I should have them, if memory helps.
Therefore I'm actually locked-down one carhour away from my lab (damn CoV-02).
Next week I'd get a pass to go to the lab.
I'll recontact you as soon as I'm there.
Have constantly better days.

Andreas Troschka

Don't be afraid to ask Elektor, they have dedicated staff for archives. Easier if you have the project #. I've just emailed them.


I got a polite email back from Elektor Services this morning to say that unfortunately they no longer had these files, so if any Member has these or has built the Advanced RLC Meter from April 1997 Elektor and can dump them I would be very grateful!

Chris Williams

Here ya go 

i hope they are still good


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