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the point was to avoid china electronics when you are building something you want to count on working.

maybe not spending mouser/digikey kind of money on parts, but you also want at least ONE good use out of the part.  when buying from china, its always a gamble and even simple things like wire or resistors, they can mess up.  I dont like taking chances.  buying the old used (maybe even old enough to have been made in the US) stuff, while it was dirty and needed physical clean-up, it was made when you don't cheap-out on every single thing and at every single step.  those old parts, other than dried up electrolytics, would be top-grade or better, by today's standards.  they are just old and maybe even tarnished (solder leads, etc).

I didn't mind some clean-up.  I liked knowing I was getting wire that I could trust, and not some CCA junk that has unknown origin.

silicon valley does not seem to have any surplus stores left.  not of parts that were here for years, and are still worth using.  that's what I mean by surplus.  foreign surplus has no interest since it might be even lower quality or re-used parts.  that's going the wrong direction ;)

I get wanting to avoid China, but that's where everything is made now so that's where the surplus is. You have to be building equipment in order to end up with surplus parts and there is very little of that going on in the USA and other Western nations anymore.

One more shout out to the ladies at Anchor. First time there and they were all very kind.Prices for components are very reasonable.

Hi, does anyone know if there are any remaining surplus electronics stores for SMD parts and like remaining in Bay/SanJose area?

Yes, Anchor:


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