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I can only think of two forum members who could turn this into an extreme teardown, but here you go:

Surprisingly cheap.

They are quite interesting, in that the inside is a complete WinXP computer, with a really robust power supply. Add the point source, the line detector and the half ton of shielding and you have one. I would love to get a small dental Xray unit to do reverse engineering of components. These at least are portable without needing a forklift.


--- Quote ---Surprisingly cheap.
--- End quote ---
In these environmentally green times getting rid of surplus equipment actually costs money. It could probably be given away and the current owner would be better off than getting it scrapped.

Only weighs 600kg :->

I was this close to bidding on a CT scanner once, just because it would look cool in the lab :->
Contemplating a gas chromatograph at the moment, only 60kg or so.


that explains for the 600kg ... there is i guess half ton of lead inside  ::)


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