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FA: GPS Lassen Trimble ,GR47 GSM, Antennas and RabbitCore RCM2000 modules.


Hi all,

I am having a clear-out and selling some stuff I will never get around to using.

I have these available on ebay if anyone is interested.
Check my other auctions for other stuff as well.

Most units will work, Some will be faulty.

Pick up available from Sydney Northern Beaches. Free delivery to Sydney metro if price exceeds $150.
Can package and post. As an estimate, about $40 to Brisbane in 2 boxes.

See end of listing for detailed specifications.

8 x used dual band GPS/GSM antennas. Various condition
34 x new in box antennas GAAGG-B GPS/GSM Antenna Combo Magnetic Mount NEW IN BOX
57 x fly leads for GSM modules. MMCX  to Female SMA.
74 Rabbit RCM2000 Microcontroller boards
36 x GR47 Sony Ericson GSM modules.
GPS Modules Trimble Lassen IQ 46240-25
 37 x with female SMA
 13 x  with female MCX .


RCM2000 Specifications:

GR47 GSM Specifications:

GPS Module Specifications:

• 12-channel simultaneous operation
• Ultra-low power consumption: less than 90 mW (27 mA) @ 3.3 V
• Dual sensitivity modes with automatic switching
• Aided GPS through TSIP
• Antenna open and short circuit detection and protection
• Compact size: 26 mm W × 26 mm L × 6 mm H
• Supports NMEA 0183, TSIP, TAIP, RTCM SC-104 protocols
• Trimble quality at low cos

GAAGG-B GPS/GSM Antenna Combo Magnetic Specifications
(i)Dieletric Antenna
Center Frequency: 1575. 42MHz+/-3 MHz
V. S. W. R: 1. 5: 1
Band Width: +/-5 MHz
Impendence: 50 ohm
Peak Gain: >3dBic Based on 7*7cm ground plane
Gain Coverage: >-4dBic at -90<0<+90(over 75% Volume)
Polarization: RHCP

(ii)GSM Antenna
Center Frequency: 824MHz~894MHz(AMPS);
880 MHz~960MHz(GSM); 1710MHz~1990MHz
V. S. W. R: 2. 0: 1
Impendence: 50 ohm
Typical Gain: 2dBi+/-1dB at 850MHZ;
2dBi+/-1dB at 900MHZ
1dBi+/-1dB at 1800MHZ;

Noise Figure: 1. 5dB
Filter Out Band Attenuation (f0=1575. 42 MHZ)
7dB min f0+/-20MHZ;
20dB min f0+/-50MHZ;
30dB min f0+/-100MHZ
V. S. W. R: <2. 0
Weight: <130gram
Size: 80 mm(D)*13mm(H)
Cable GPS-----RG174 5meter long
GPS-----RG174 5meter long
Connector GPS-----SMA
Mounting: Sticking /Magnetic /Hole Mounting
Housing: Black
(v) Environmental
Working Temp.: -40~+85
Storage Temp.: -45~+100
Vibration Sine sweep: 1g(0-p)10~50~10Hz each axis
Humidity Humidity: 95%~100%RH
Weatherproof: 100% Waterproof


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