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(WTB/LFS UK) Farnell 352C/17352C 0.35MHz–1GHz Spectrum Analyser Manual Scan?


Is there anyone who has the original Farnell Instruments Booklet for the 352C/17352C Spectrum Analyser they can scan for me please?

Somebody posted the circuits on, and I got ten out of the nineteen pages posted, but I can't download anything more for a month and whoever uploaded these in the first place didn't bother with the text pages!

I've sent an enquiry to Telford Electronics in the UK but I very much doubt they'll be able to source it, Artek have virtually no British T & M., and none of the usual T & M handbook repositories have it!

I'm quite happy to purchase a copy of it I can find one!

If I can get all the text parts then I could write my own more comprehensive book, the circuits on their own tell me nothing of the important data I need!

I want the information for a new chapter in the "Spectrum Analysers" part of my T & M Theory and Repair Book currently being written!

Chris Williams

Hi Chris,

I have the full manual. I'll scan it in and upload it here. If thats
OK on this board .There's the EEVBlog the test equipment board perhaps it should go there?.
There's also I can upload it there as well.
Its always handy to put a link to it just in case someone searches for the
352C it in the future

Whats best format pdf OK? I'll do hi-res B&W scan for the page images.
Generally thats best for schematics. I'll include a zip file of individual scans.

Now to blow the dust off my scanner,



Morning James!

Yes please, PDF is absolutely fine!

Could you also upload one to Elektrotanya and k04BB as well please?

I shall make a donation to my favourite UK charity, the Royal National Lifeboats Institute, on your behalf for this, I love watching "Saving Lives At Sea" on the telly!

Chris Williams

Any luck with the scan of the 352C/17352C manual yet?

Farnell can't supply it – I've just asked them!

Chris Williams

Still wanted as I can find no other source of this!

Chris Williams


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