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Hi everyone,

Okay, i have read several post regarding this common question, recommendation for the first scope, but none ask for 4 channels.

I want 4 analog channels , and a bandwidth of around 50-100mhz.

My first choice is the AGILENT DSOX2004A (70 mhz) as i am a student i will get the wavegen and the edk something for free, I am just waiting to see if they will give me 15% off also on the scope price, this way i will avoid buying a function generator. 1499 Euros ~= 2010 USD with 15% off -> 1274,15 Euros ~= 1700 USD.

My Second choice Rigol DS1064B (60 mhz) , quoted price is 945$ arround 700 Eur, but i still can't find a local dealer or prices, i am in Portugal.

I don't consider the old Agilent DSO1004A (60 mhz) a option because they cost 1455 and it's the same as the Rigol i think.

What would you guys buy? Does tekway haves 4 channels scopes? Can someone point me European Union dealers?

Best Regards.

Would you really give up long memory (DS1064B) for four channel ability? 8kpoints memory depth is very short compared to more modern designs. Does none of the other low-budget manufacturers (GW-Instek, Owon SDS series, Hantek) have modern 4 channel scopes?

As for EU dealers, Joyce from MCS test equipment posts here occasionally, I believe they are authorized Rigol dealers. I'm sure there are others in the EU. Not sure about the other brands.

Do Agilent have the 15% off in your country for an old scope trade-in?
You can save serious cash by buying an old non-working 50MHz scope on ebay and trading in.


Hi thanks everyone for the replies.

In my lab i have used for the last 6 months a Tek TDS2014C it's 100 MHZ , and it haves 2.5k points. For most of the stuff it was okay i guess... (or i didn't see it...)

The agilent DSOX2004A is 100k :) , but well regarding the discount the link provided for me by the sales representative,

states on "6. Base oscilloscope model may receive Agilent’s standard 15% education discount while applying 100% promotion discount on the eligible options." , the problem is that i am a student, and not the education client (university) and they aren't sure i can have both discounts (wavegen + 15% off).

If not i will try to use dave 15% off method.

I have a question about first oscilloscope. I' am from europe and here analog scopes are quite expensive 100€+ and 20-30€ for shipping.

I HAMEG HM203-6 2 chanel 20MHz scope good for 110€ total with shippment for a beginner?


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