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I just bought a semi-functional Fluke 8860A, and I would really appreciate it if someone would send me a PDF copy of the Service Manual.

Dear Bancroftjo:
--Nice meter. You can find a pdf copy of the manual for download here:

--Please report back on your progress. We would love to hear about it. Good Luck
Clear Ether

Thanks for the quick response, it is a nice meter but the previous owner didn't take the best care of it.

I already have the operating manual, but I can't seem to find a free copy of the Service/Calibration Manual, there are plenty of them on eBay and other websites that all charge money for their manuals.

Try looking at
If you search for "8860", the first item is the user manual, but the rest of the downloads appear to be sections of the service manual.  I didn't actually find the cover page, but I noted schematics, parts diagrams, and trouble-shooting info.

Dear Bancroftjo:
--ModemHead has pointed you to a place where you can get useful information. I downloaded all the 8060a files (and I recommend you do the same, it is easy to join), and unfortunately there is no service manual and/or calibration data. I checked the Web pretty throughly and could not find for free. Check the Web carefully for the service manual and you may be able to get it for less than $20. Best Regards
Clear Ether


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