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So, I have TWO Fluke 9100(s) with cracked/broken displays... and a third one I can barely read.

Hoping maybe someone has any spare 9100 chassis parts?

do you have any markings on them ??

same as Wavetek 9100 too  seems the Datron 9100 too, who often called Datron Wavetek   ??

sv manuals here, schematics  :

capture of the schematic part 4   lcd pinouts


since you have an SED1351F on the digital pcb, it will be an controller less graphical display  ???
meaning only row and column drivers only

only one who come in mind is :  DMF-50840NB-FW DMF-50840 Optrex 5.7" LCD Display    320x240  lcd,  not even sure it fits ?? But the lcd pdf  seems  to fit ??

I will post more details tonight when i am home, its not the same as either of those.

This display is actually a 132x26 VFD , the Driver Chips are on the interface board directly, enough of the display is still intact to maybe allow removal to look for actual part number..

The Display Area is 165mm x 19mm , however, There is room to put an LCD up to 222mm x 70mm

The data signallying to the 8518 drivers chips are arranged in 4 Horizontal Drivers , and 4 Vertical Drivers daisy chained ( the 4 Horizontals are independent with separate Clock/Latch/Data )

SD1 -> DI to 8518"a" and DI to 8518"b" , But two different /latch
SD2 -> DI to 8518"c" and DI to 8518"c" ,  But two different /latch
All 4 Horizontals driven by same clock.

GDI -> DI to 8518"e" DO -> DI 8518 "f" DO -> DI 8518 "g" DO -> DI 8518 "h" , Driven by 1 clock and latch.

So, shouldn't be to trival to build something that takes those signals and then presents the output on an LCD Panel ( I have ordered some larger HDMI LCD displays that will fit into the panel area, and maybe look at modifying something like the RGB2HDMI or some other adapter ( like they did for the roland keyboard ) , i think the dot clock is < 3mhz

The Actual System is what is called a Fluke 9100 Trouble Shooter System

FYI, Here is the displays in question, I don't think he ever found replacements himself.


--- Quote from: Hamster on March 07, 2024, 07:36:31 pm ---FYI, Here is the displays in question, I don't think he ever found replacements himself.

--- End quote ---

I did find some replacement Noritake VFDs.  Identical dot pitch width and height.  Identical physical display width.   But 32 lines vs 24.   No issue,  just render the inner 24 lines.    They're $300 a unit with a large MOQ but I got a bunch for cheap. Eventually I plan to make a product out of them but it needs a complete new microcontroller implementation.    I'm not going to try and piggyback onto the existing drivers.


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