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For Sale (London UK) Oscilloscope, Power Supply and a box of bits!


I'm selling all my kit having pretty much ended up writing software for a living. Hopefully someone will find this as useful as I have over the years!  Cheaper than ebay!

I have for sale...

A rather nice HP 6236B Triple output Lab Bench Power supply. £50

A Telequipment D83 50MHz analogue oscilloscope (luxury large screen item!). Bomb proof. All transistors! Two probes. £60

Three trays of bits and a bag of bits - E12 res, ceramic caps, elec caps, some ICs (opamps mainly), LED, couple of breadboards, wire, two tubes of IC sockets. £20

A TI92 calculator, manual and USB cable (basically a TI89 but larger and cooler) - £30:

If anyone is interested, please drop me a message on one of the above ads or reply here!

do you still have the lab psu


Links dont work. I'm interested, if you still have the lot by beginning of july I'll take them off your hands as im visiting london then.


Yeah,didn't work for me,either.
None of the stuff mentioned appeared in the page.
The "Whipping Bench" sounds like a good deal,though! ;D ;D


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