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Stumbled across this 60MHz Hameg scope, looks very nice for $150
Victoria (Oz):


Just bought HM605 for ~160 $. Great machines!


Richard W.:
Pretty expensive.
Please consider, it's a HAMEG not a Tektronix or Hewlett Packard.


--- Quote from: Richard W. on October 14, 2011, 08:09:02 pm ---Pretty expensive.
Please consider, it's a HAMEG not a Tektronix or Hewlett Packard.

--- End quote ---

Hamegs are made in Germany and have an excellent reputation.
I consider $150 quite cheap for an essentially brand new modern design 60MHz german made analog scope, especially in Australia where 2nd hand test gear is a LOT more expensive and rarer than the US and other countries.
Most of the Tek and Agilent gear you can get for this price is quite old.
I'd take the newer Hameg any day of the week.


Hameg have a decent reputation, but not in the same league as Tektronix (and later HP/Agilent). Which is why they're now the budget brand for R&S. As for old top-of-the-line versus new lower end, that depends on the exact models involved. Tek made some of the best scopes in the world, but the older models like the 465 are likely to have more problems with dried out caps and dirty switches.

One advantage of the lower performance of Hameg scopes is that they usually use less custom parts (not sure about the current models). This makes them easier to repair, although documentation is not to the same level as HP and Tek. Hameg is usually quite good about providing documentation for older equipment.


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