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For Sale: Hantek DSO-5202B 200 MHz like new



I bought this HanTek DSO-5202B scope when my main scope failed, and now that I've replaced it, I actually have too many scopes around the lab.  The scope is the same as discussed in this thread.  This scope has barely been used, and is in mint condition.  The scope is NOT a 60- or 100-MHz scope hacked to 200 MHz bandwidth.  It is the original 200 MHz scope.  The labels and markings are all in English.

I am asking $600, which is the price of the 60-MHz scope, plus the cost shipping by whatever method you prefer.  The scope comes with the original 2x200 MHz probes, and the power cord.  The firmware is updated to the latest 4/20 version from Hantek. 


Interested, but I can get the DSO-5062 for $520 shipped...


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