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Timing: 100 MHz all 80 channels
State: 35 MHz all 80 channels

Uploaded with

*Timing: 100 MHz all 80 channels
*State: 35 MHz all 80 channels
*Two 400 MSa/s digitizing oscilloscope channels with 100 MHz bandwidth
*Automatic pulse parameter measurements
*Time-correlated state, timing, and oscilloscope displays
*Glitch capture: 80 channels
*Supports most 8-, 16-, and 32-bit microprocessors, buses

Condition: Looks very good. Had troubles with floppy disc, but seems to work now. System disks provided. Includes Logic Probes (only 2 sets). No Oscilloscope probes included.
Location: Sydney

Documentation: No Physical Manual, but full documentation in PDF format is available here.

Reason for sale: Got this old equipment off university labs. I already have a Rigol and dont need the logic analyzer functions, and need funds for new electric skateboard project :D So the low price reflects my urgency to get this sale done so I can buy project materials.

Shipping: Would highly prefer pickup, but freight can be arranged within australia.

Reserve Price: $380
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Interesting story, my first internship in the electronics industry was at a company that designs and sells LCD modules. My boss had an HP1652B sitting in the corner and said that it had recently had the shutting off/clicking/smelling bad symptoms, and that I could have it if I wanted to fix it and use it (works now, power supply had to be recapped.) Back when he bought it, he borrowed the manuals from someone on eBay, scanned them in, and sent them back (does this story seem familiar?)

In any case, it's a fine logic analyzer. The logic analyzer pods are pretty easy to find on eBay for not TOO much money, the oscilloscope function is a little weird, but it works well enough if you spend time with it. If you have an old HP LaserJet with the serial port and the proper DB25 to DB9 adapter and some cables, you can print the screen quite easily.
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