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For Sale: Marconi 2022 signal generator


I have a marconi 2022 signal generator that i would like to sell, i have absolutely no use for it, i bought it at an auction though a proxy, and i was apparently not precise in what i needed, i think i said signal generator, but meant function generator.
But anyway I'm happy to accept offers, and i dont mind sending it anywhere in the world, buyer pays for the shipping, the 2022 and any import duties.  I don't really know what i should get for it, but I'm flexible in that regard.

I don't know how to use it, but i have some pictures of the device turned on, please follow this link

the fan is noisy, apart from that i can see nothing wrong with it, not that that tells a lot :)

I have added a ebay auction for it, and as long i have no bids on it im flexible with the price


I have two of my own, thanks (one working and one in the "to fix" pile).

However if you want a good price it's probably worth getting an N to BNC and demonstrating that the RF output works, not just that you can get 400Hz out of the mod in/out BNC (though I suppose that's something, at least :)

Ideally you need to demonstrate output in the 10kHz - 62.5MHz, 62.5-225MHz, 250-500MHz and 500-1000MHz bands as these are all generated in different ways. Even better would be to show the attenuator and AM & FM modulation working.

I will one of the coming days, depending on how bad the engine on my car it, take it to work, because silly me had forgotten, that we have lab full of RF equipment here, so i will have an EE engineer help me with a spectrum analyzer. And then i will post pictures, but the timing of this all depends on what happens to my car.

When hooked up to a spectrum analyser it put out a 900MHz signal when set at 900MHz, but I'm not allowed to take pictures in that lab, so you will have to take word for it :)



Didn't you write , that you got the Marconi -AND- a HP 34401A for 300$ ?
Lucky you  ;)

Was it in DK ?


Bingo600, yes i was somewhat lucky, the 34401a is easy worth 300$, but its on the sad background that it was in an auction at company that no longer wants to maintain a R&D activities in Denmark. So yes i got it in Denmark.



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