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For sale: Used high end fpgas

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I have a bunch of XILINX VIRTEX-4  XC4VLX200 FPGAs.  New these are over $5K each, but these are mounted to boards already (8 per board) and would need to be removed.  Does anyone know where I could sell something like this?

Try ebay but I wouldn't be too optimistic about price. They may be 5K new, but if you were building things using $5K FPGAs would you risk buying from an unknown source?
And they're probably too old to be of interest for development/prototyping.

I kind of figured as much.  If anyone has a cool use for these I could probably donate some of these to a cool project.  I just hate seeing such cool chips being wasted.

Another issue with big FPGAs is that although possibly attractive for hobbyists, the free version of the software often only supports the lower end devices - people buying $5K chips can afford a few K for devtools.

How about posting a photo? It would be fun to see what a 5K FPGA looks like ;-)


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